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If you are thinking that you would like to join Sandown, complete the form below and we will be in contact.

There are several different types of membership. The following is a full list of all our fee categories:

  • Full Skiing Member – All Children (12+ years) and Minis (8-12 years) not living further than a certain distance from Sandown Ski Slope and All others doing regular dry slope training.

  • Junior Skiing Member – Those Juniors who do not wish to train regularly on the dry slope, but who attend Fitness Sessions and / or Snow Training.

  • Student Skiing Member – Juniors, Children and Minis unable to attend dry slope Training or Fitness due to residential location or Education. The granting of this status remains at the discretion of the Management Committee.

  • Representative of the Club – Previous Members of the Club who wish to continue to race under the name of Sandown Park Ski Race Club but who do not attend any training with the Club.

  • Individual Social Member – These are either Officers, or at the discretion of the Committee, other adults and former skiing Members who wish to be associated with the Club.

  • Family Fee – Applies to Parents of Skiing Members (in the first three categories above).

  • Joining Fee – A one off payment required when you first join the Club.

  • Guest Fee – Guest skiers shall be allowed to attend Club Training Sessions or Snow Camps subject to: Prior approval of the Club Coach and / or Training Committee, Availability of space at the specified Session or Snow Camp, Membership of a recognized Ski Racing Club / Snowsport GB.

  • Trial Fee – A one off payment to cover use of the slope for a trial for membership.


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