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Frequently Asked Questions

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Learn more about the aims, approach and history of the club


Training Camps

What is involved in a training camp, how much does it cost and other training info


How we care for our members on camps and training and the role of Snowsport England


Getting started, ski's, clothing, servicing and where and how to obtain what you need

How To

Technique, support and servicing videos and other useful advice


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Who are SPSRC?
What age are our members?
Is SPSRC a snow club or a dry slope club?
How do I join?

SPSRC is a club whose history of producing elite ski racers for the English and British teams is probably unmatched by any other British based club.

Our athletes range from 7 years old to 18 years old.  Athletes are split into training groups based on age (FIS/GBR age categories) and ability.

SPSRC is an alpine ski race club which trains club athletes to compete on snow with a comprehensive programme of snow training and race camps.  Training takes place at Sandown Park on the dry slope twice a week throughout the year with SPSRC supporting dry slope competitions during the summer season.

Membership is selective and can be applied for by filling in the "Apply to Join" form on this website.  Fill in your details and we will be in contact.

When do you train on dry slope at Sandown?

We meet on Tuesdays 6.30pm to 8.30pm and Sundays 8.00am to 10.00am for dry slope skiing/technique and ski fitness training.


How many snow camps do we attend?

Full attendance on all of our camps in 2023/24 allows for over 7 weeks of snow training (3 summer race weekends, 7 days each in August and October Indoor, 7 days December, 14 days February and 7-10 days March/April).

What happens on the camps?

All athletes travel together, stay together in the camp hotel and train together, under the guidance of our highly qualified team of Coaches.  There is plenty of hard work in training, but the camps are fun, with plenty of enjoyment, leading to lifelong lessons and friends.  The Coaches are supported by experienced House Parents who are responsible for the welfare of our young athletes while away from home.

How do you ensure best practices when working with young athletes?

As a ski racing club training young athletes, SPSRC ensures a duty of care to all members of the Club by adopting and implementing “Snow Safe”, Snowsport England’s Policy for Safeguarding Children, and any future versions of the Policy.

You can download the latest copy of the policies under the Welfare section of this website.

SPSRC has a designated Club Welfare Officer who is the first point of contact for safeguarding matters within the Club and who ensures that the Club adopts and implements the policies and procedures contained in Snow Safe.

What kit do I need to get started?

New members may use the rental skis/boots from Sandown Park initially, but an athlete needs his/her own helmet and back protector as minimum.

We suggest parents explore various ski race retailers that we can recommend, or purchase second-hand kit within the club. A discount of 10% is available to club members at Ski Bartlett. 

Where can I get help on ski servicing?

There are some excellent online introductions to ski servicing. Our club coaches can also provide advice and may run periodic introduction to servicing sessions.

Does the club support instructor qualifications?

Yes, the club supports a variety of ski instructor qualifaction pathways. Please see the Ski Instructor Qualification Pathway for further details.  

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