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LSERSA Summer Series Race 4 - Chatham

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Well done to all on Saturday at LSERSA Race 4, Chatham. Great team spirit and all our racers did very well. Some amazing results, including a 🥉 for Isabella and a🥉 for Lawrence. The majority of the rest of our SPSRC racers were near medal misses, which is testimony to the committed racing from our LSERSA racers and demonstrates the depth we are starting to build as a club. Very well done to Oscar Lunn for his first races and a strong first LSERSA. A massive 👏🏻 to Ben Earthrowl who won the LSERSA series award for his contribution and hard work this season.

Finally, the day was topped off with some excellent dual and team slaloms.

As always thanks to our volunteer parents (Nicky and Duncan) for marshalling.

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